The Women Entrepreneurs Network

Inspiration Found. Connections Made. Problems Solved.

What We Do

WEN’s mission is to encourage, educate and empower women to scale up their business.

Our small group, supportive format at Events allows everyone to share the business issues that have them stumped, network with fellow entrepreneurs and take away ready-to-use strategies, business skills and tips to drive their company to the next level.

How We Do It

Membership in WEN is open to all women business owners whether your company is for profit or a social enterprise and wishes to scale up their business.

No fee is required to join our group.

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Our Board

Our Board is comprised of a diverse group of professionals with a passion for assisting women entrepreneurs achieve their business goals while contributing to the economic benefit of Hong Kong. Board members have a variety of business experience, and devote their valuable time serving the organization.

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Elizabeth L Thomson

Hon. Chairwoman and Co-Founder

Kimberly Whiley

Chairwoman and Co-Founder

Samar Shaheryar

Vice Chairwoman

Nicole Graham

Secretary and Treasurer

Geetanjali Dhar

Circle Mentor Coordinator

Maura Thompson

Circle Mentor Coordinator

Alice Yuen

Board Member

Angie Chung

Board Member

Charlene Ree

Board Member

Liz Search

Board Member

Lori Granito

Board Member

Mary Covatta

Board Member

Nicole Denholder

Board Member

Suzanne Liu Duddek

Board Member

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Our History

The Women Entrepreneurs Network was launched in December 2015 with the support of The Women’s Foundation. We had 100 women in the room with Entrepreneur luminaries such as Bonnie Gokson speaking. We are actually a rebirth of The Women Business Owners Club ( WBOC ) which started in the mid 80’s when the word Entrepreneurship was rarely heard. Most chambers did not have Entrepreneur committees and now they are heavily weighted in favour of Entrepreneurs and their companies.

We had a very successful run until the early 2000’s when the then President died sadly of cancer and the next Leaders did not lead. I believe it is fair to say that we not only helped launch many new businesses we ensured through skill training that other businesses kept going and thrived. We were a definite success. Kim and I were approached by many women asking Where is WBOC? We need the skills and networking that it offered.That was a huge part of our rationale to rebirth the WBOC.

After the launch of WEN in December 2015, we held our first event THE CIRCLE  in January 2016 with about 40 women. THE CIRCLE is facilitated mentoring groups for Women Entrepreneurs. At the January event we had 5 groups facilitated by Senior Women Entrepreneurs such as Lori Granito of Go Gourmet, Anna Treier of Sense of Touch, and Cheryl Raper of Sylvan.

Elizabeth Thomson
Founder and Honorary Chairwoman