The Sisterhood

Supporting Women Around Us

The Sisterhood are other women associations who, like WEN, focus on the professional development and mentoring of women.

NextGen Women Network

We connect female high school students with successful businesswomen who hold middle and senior management roles. These women serve as mentors and help students to navigate questions ranging from “which college should I go to?” to “which careers might be a match for my academic and personal interests?”

We believe that introducing the next generation of aspiring female leaders to the right support networks creates synergies that beneficial to both mentors and mentees.

Our vision is to boost the number of women in leadership roles by using mentorship as a means of inspiring the next generation of female leaders.

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Mentor Walks Hong Kong

Mentor Walks is a monthly series that connects emerging female leaders with a range of senior women from a diverse professional community.

As mentors and mentees walk and talk, they discuss their challenges, successes, aspirations, and lessons learned. Bringing mentorship into the fresh air, each walk is a one-hour window for mentors and mentees to connect and discuss personal and professional challenges and long-term goals.

Mentor Walks offers a flexible, bite-sized opportunity for women wanting to give back to share their knowledge and expertise with other women who are seeking to make their mark.

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