WEN Featured on RTHK Radio 3 and BeFast Media

WEN Featured on RTHK Radio 3 and BeFast Media

WEN Chairwoman Kimberly Whiley was interviewed on RTHK Radio 3 in September. She talked about the history of WEN, its community and network and its mission of helping women business owners to scale up and plan an exit strategy. If you missed this very insightful interview, you can re-watch it here.

Furthermore, we were privileged to have BeFast TV present at our September Circle Event, “Technology That Works!”  In this video, you will see the panel discussion, led by WEN Board Member Maura Thompson, about what are the most useful apps and tools available for women entrepreneurs and how to use them. To view this discussion, click here.

For more WEN recordings, check out our Facebook Live Gallery. This year, we’ve had FB Live recordings from Kimberly Whiley, Lori Granito, Nicole Graham, Geetanjali Dhar, Liz Search and Maura Thompson. Apart from a little bit of personal background about their journey as a successful business owner, they all share their tips and knowledge on how you can achieve the same. You can re-watch their LIVE recordings, as well as any Live Recordings we have had during our events here.

Check and like our  WEN FACEBOOK page to stay up to date of details of the next FACEBOOK LIVE and other upcoming events.

Women Business Owners Club (WBOC) Empowers Female Entrepreneurs

Women Business Owners Club (WBOC) Empowers Female Entrepreneurs

The Women Business Owners Club (WBOC) today announced the launch of The Women Entrepreneurs Network (WEN). Their mission is to encourage, educate and empower women entrepreneurs in Hong Kong to scale up their businesses.

The Women Business Owners Club was a pioneer organiation for women entrepreneurs at a time when very few women were starting and running their own businesses. WBOC launched in 1985 and over the next 15 years organised numerous initiatives for women entrepreneurs which helped them start and grow their businesses.

WEN’s main goals are as follows:

  • to encourage and educate women entrepreneurs
  • to provide women entrepreneurs with networking opportunities to garner mutual support
  • to empower women to scale up their businesses

WEN is being launched by WBOC with the support of ANZ and The Women’s Foundation (TWF). WEN will build on TWF’s research on Women’s Economic Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong (2014) which examines the opportunities and challenges facing women entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, as well as TWF’s programmes over the last few years in partnership with organisations like Google to help women entrepreneurs scale up their businesses. Earlier this year, TWF and ANZ also launched an Accelerator Programme for 20 women for-profit and social entrepreneurs.

Elizabeth Thomson, Founder of WBOC shared and said, “I am delighted that the pioneering work of WBOC in supporting and providing skills for women entrepreneurs is being continued as The Women Entrepreneurs Network. We anticipate seeing our members’ businesses grow and contribute to the business life of Hong Kong. Women in Hong Kong are creating new businesses daily and we look forward to working with them for their success in business.”

WEN will kick off its programme calendar in January with the launch of The Circle. The Circle will bring together women who are running businesses ranging from start-ups to more established ventures with the goal of helping them help each other. The Circle will also provide women entrepreneurs with access to experts on topics like legal challenges and marketing strategy in a small group format which will allow the entrepreneurs to learn from the experts as well as each other.

Membership of WEN is open to all women for profit entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs in Hong Kong who are looking to scale up their businesses.

For more information on events, visit their Events Page, or watch out for announcements on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages. If you would like more information, please email admin@wenhk.org.

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