Our Circle event, Level Up Your Digital Marketing; Navigate and Grow in the Cantonese-Speaking Market will be held on Wednesday, 15th September 2021.

In this Circle, we’ll be exploring the digital marketing tips and tricks in targeting the Cantonese speaking market in Hong Kong. At the beginning of the circle event, we’ll discuss digital marketing strategies that will ensure you don’t lag behind the competition.

Jenny Wong and Lauren Loh, TransPerfect

Digital Marketing Specialist
Digital Marketing Translation Specialist
Jenny Wong comes from a strong agency background helping various brands navigate the digital ecosystem across SEO, SEM and social media – with a focus on luxury, travel, and retail brands. She’s currently leading a team of digital specialists in APAC helping businesses to drive both global exposure and local performance.

Lauren Loh specializes in localization and language where her focus lies on developing a comprehensive language and content strategy to help businesses create a desired impact in a local market.

More than 25 years ago, TransPerfect was founded with a mission to help the world’s businesses navigate the global marketplace. With decades of hands-on experience, TransPerfect’s consultative approach and rigorous quality have made it the industry leader.

April Lam, Aello Consulting Company Limited

Digital Marketing Expert

April has advised Fortune 500, SMEs and start-up companies across APAC during her 20 years of career. She started doing business with Indonesian companies in 2007 and then lived in Indonesia and Vietnam for more than 5 years where she saw the rapid development of the region. She surmises ASEAN is a hidden gem and will drive the future demand of consumer products.

Coupled with her former experiences in luxury retail with LVMH Group and brand consultancy with Schawk, Inc. (NYSE: 29137), she founded Aello in 2016. She is involved in the market-entry strategy and localized marketing to help HK SMEs in mapping their regional growth on both online and offline levels.

April is also a frequent speaker and has shared her ASEAN and retail experience with HKTDC, HKPC, Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Association, CMO Summit, Rotary Club Hong Kong and many more organizations. She was also a part-time lecturer at the HKUSPACE on Brand Management.

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