Our Circle event, Social Media Strategies THAT WORK! will be held on Tuesday, 19th February 2019.

Get ready to beef up your Social Media Presence! WEN is proud to host some of the most well-renowned marketing and media geniuses Hong Kong has to offer to guide us through the 19th February Circle Event: Social Media Strategies THAT WORK!

Kiri Sinclair, Sinclair

Meet the Expert Kiri Sinclair (Sinclair)

Hong Kong-born Kiri Sinclair is a highly regarded thought leader in the Greater China PR industry, Founder and CEO of leading Integrated PR Agency, Sinclair, and Chair of PRHK, Hong Kong’s public relations association. A strong advocate and regular commentator for the PR and communications industry, she is also on the Board of The Marketing Society and an active advocate and member of AMEC.

As agency leader, Kiri is responsible for Sinclair’s organic growth, team first culture, talent development, and the innovative business and client strategy Sinclair is renowned for across its offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. In 018, Kiri was named PR Agency Head of the Year at Campaign Asia’s PR Awards and Agency Leader of the Year at the Mumbrella Asia Awards.

Kiri has directed and implemented PR strategies and advised clients across the luxury, consumer, corporate and government sectors. She is an expert at developing creative brand building strategies on both a global and local level and managing sensitive issues for worldleading clients. Her forward-thinking and creative approach to communications marketing has seen Kiri lead her teams on countless award-winning campaigns, with the agency’s industry-leading reputation reconfirmed when Sinclair was named Greater China PR Consultancy of the Year by Campaign Asia’s and Independent Agency of the Year by Mumbrella Asia in 2018. Kiri earned her MBA from the University of Hong Kong.

An insatiable curiosity, passion for life, and dedication to working with individuals and clients that are driving positive changes in the world, are the leading forces within Kiri. It is this which has seen her organically grow an independent agency – now in its tenth year – of empowered and dedicated team players, an agency with one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry.

Tereza Tan, Carbon

Meet the Expert Tereza Tan (Carbon)

Tereza Tan’s unique blend of talent and intuition has brought her all over the world – from Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto, London and finally to Hong Kong.

With tenures at broadcasting giants HBO and FOX Networks Group, Tereza decided to venture out with her very own creative content and production studio in Hong Kong.

Tereza’s reputation for impactful storytelling and refined aesthetics has built a strong and collaborative rapport with a prestigious roster of clients – Google, Netflix, DJI, Estée Lauder, Sony, to name a few. Her studio continues to serve as a platform for to showcase a new level of creativity, quality and diversity, to inspire audiences across industries.

As a practicing artist and designer herself, Tereza has an authentic perspective of what drives and motivates a formidable creative team. With over 15 years of experience in the media industry, Tereza has received over 15 international industry accolades in recognition of excellence in art and production.

We are looking forward to welcoming our experts and our participants to an evening of invaluable knowledge, expertise and solutions.

Janko Kosi, Mark&Ting

Meet the Expert Janko Kosi of MARK&TING

Janko Kosi is an integrated marketing and business development leader with with over 15 years’ experiences in industries including Travel, Hospitality, Technology and Retail, with extensive knowledge in offline and online marketing, loyalty marketing and communication.

Janko is the founder and executive director of MARK&TING, Boutique Digital Marketing agency in Hong Kong, providing marketing services for small companies with BIG potential.

Most of their clients are small companies, entrepreneurs and startups with limited budgets, who need help with digital marketing campaigns, social media, web design, graphic design and video content creation.

Janko works with clients from different industries who all have a few things in common:

  1. Their budgets are limited and they cannot afford (or find) an experienced full-time marketing team.
  2. They are forced to handle marketing themselves, wasting precious time on learning to manage their website, design flyers, understand SEO, or social media marketing.
  3. They want less talk and more action. Tangible results reflected in their bottom line.
  4. They favour responsiveness and fast turnaround times.


  • a chef can finally focus on cooking instead of building websites,
  • a yoga instructor can spend more time teaching yoga, instead of designing brochures
  • a furniture manufacturer gets to sell furniture instead of learning about AdWords and Analytics.

Shirin Ong, Foodie Group Ltd

Meet the Expert Shirin Ong (Foodie Group Ltd)

Shirin is Chief Operating Officer at Foodie Group Limited – the premium food platform in Hong Kong, which has delivered quality and trustworthy content since 2009.

Originally a traditional print-based media business, Foodie has since emerged as an award-winning digital platform and thought leader in the food space, and just celebrated its 100th magazine issue in January 2019.

Amongst her responsibilities as Chief Operating Officer, Shirin oversees the design and execution of online and offline audience-engagement efforts and solutions for Foodie and its partners.

Shirin has lived in Singapore, the UK and Hong Kong, and devoted almost a decade to the field of international relations and security policy before bringing her experience in strategic planning and communications to the F&B and media space.

Emma Pike, Farmer’s Market

Meet the Expert Emma Pike (Farmer’s Market)

After leaving school at 15 to start her first company, Emma’s passion for seeking new opportunities and launching businesses has enabled her to achieve her dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

From selling sand on Bondi beach to tourists to now owning and running Hong Kong’s number 1 online butcher it’s been a great experience.

Having had multiple business’ from Recruitment agency to Web Design to selling swimwear and product businesses Emma has done it all but that doesn’t mean she’s done yet!

Her aim in opening Farmers Market in 2016 in Hong Kong and now 2019 in Singapore was to be transparent and to give people back their confidence when buying meat. Emma ensures that her customers understand how Farmer’s Market’s products are farmed, sourced and stored and always link back to the farms they source from. She wants her customers to feel confident in the products and in the industry.

If you ask any of her friends what Emma’s qualities are they will say honest, trustworthy, kind, friendly and helpful and those are the qualities she wants Farmers Market to be known for.

Knowledge is power and Emma is always delighted to be invited to speak at various events about the benefits of meat, marketing, customer service and how to make sure customers are buying the best they can. Alongside her business commitments, she is also a keen sportsperson, and supports a number of local charities.