Our Circle event, Survive & Thrive: Reboot your Business Goals will be held on on Tuesday, 9th June 2020.

All business are competing against each other, especially with the current world-wide economic decline. Therefore, how you perform matters. Learn from the best experts in the field of business performance and selling and get ready to scale up your business.

Belinda Esterhammer, Springboard Group and Fem Founded

Meet the Expert Belinda Esterhammer of Springboard Group and Fem Founded

Belinda is the Founder of Springboard Group and Fem Founded. Springboard Group develops standout brands and has a passion for telling the stories of the people, products and services of great organisations – from startups to corporates. Prior starting Springboard, she led high-profile marketing campaigns for a “BIG 4” female entrepreneur leadership program.

With more than 10 years of industry experience and a passion for anything tech and startups she worked in marketing and consulting across many sectors including time at UNICEF in the Philippines, an Austrian consultancy focused on governmental institutions, a German B2B and B2G IT company and the biggest online job platform in Spain.

She is a passionate advocate for female empowerment and just launched Fem Founded where she helps females to thrive on their own terms and get the nudge to get started – whether it’s with personal branding, creating an online portfolio or their business.

Belinda regularly facilitates hackathons and workshops for universities and corporates around starting a business, design thinking and marketing & go-to market strategies.

Seema Chaturvedi, AWE Funds

Meet the Expert Seema Chaturvedi of AWE Funds

Seema Chaturvedi has over 20 years of capital markets and financial management experience. As an entrepreneur, investment banker and investor, she brings a unique perspective to the strategic planning and investment process. Previously, she was founder and managing director of Accelerator Group, LLC, an investment banking and strategic advisory services firm. Prior to this, she has worked with Amherst Partners, LLC, 

Shearson Lehman and JM Financial Services (later JM Morgan Stanley-Indian affiliate of Morgan Stanley).

Seema is extremely passionate about promoting entrepreneurship in general and women entrepreneurship in particular. She founded and leads as chairwoman TiE Global’s marquee women’s entrepreneurship program: Project All India Roadshow for Women’s Economic Empowerment through Entrepreneurship (AIRSWEEE), for which she obtained funding from the US Department of State for an unprecendented 6 consecutive rounds of funding and has directly mentored 575 women from 106 Tier 2 and 3 cities in 20 states in India. These women further impacted 2,500+ women through a pay-it-
forward multiplier.

As an impact outcome of AIRSWEEE, She is now launching Achieving Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) Early Growth Fund to invest in women owned, led, influenced companies with the investment thesis that women businesses can be a great investment for purposes of both commercial returns and economic development impact.

Seema Chaturvedi’s full bio.

Prof. Sam Garg, HKUST Business School

Meet the Expert Prof. Sam Garg of HKUST Business School

Prof. Sam Garg (PhD Stanford University) is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy at HKUST Business School.

He is a pioneer and global leader in the research on board dynamics in privately-held ventures and when these ventures scale up into public-listed firms.

He has published in the top academic journals, and also serves on their editorial boards.

Prof. Garg is a coauthor of a book on innovation (shortlisted for the best management book of the year), and has served on the boards/advisory boards of non-profits and startups.

He teaches and consults on topics related to entrepreneurship, innovation, and venture governance. Prior to joining academia, Sam co-founded an online payments venture in Singapore.

Liz Search, Mud Pies Education

Meet the Expert Liz Search of Mud Pies Education

Liz is an entrepreneur and educator. Liz is the co-Founder and Managing Director of Mud Pies Education Limited. She launched the business in 2007 and since then, has supported thousands of families, working with children to improve their English language, communication and presentation skills. When asked what she loves most about Mud Pies, Liz says, “Seeing children work hard towards their goals and the sheer delight when they achieve them is simply priceless.”

Liz is a member of The Rotary Club of Hong Kong South, where she is the incoming President for the year 2019-2020. Liz thinks that ‘giving back’ is essential. Liz is incredibly active in her club’s projects around youth and education.

Liz is a passionate entrepreneur and believes strongly in networking and supporting fellow entrepreneurs to reach success. She joined WEN as a Board Member in 2016 as the WEN motto “Inspiration found. Connections made. Problems solved.” tied in perfectly with everything she had looked for as an entrepreneur. WEN also provides the perfect platform for Liz to continue her own education and her journey of supporting and educating fellow women entrepreneurs on their paths to success.