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How can you increase your revenue and boost your sales with your online presence? Cut through the noise with the help of these social media strategists and web gurus!

Nicole Graham, Bauhinia Solutions

Meet the Expert Nicole Graham, Bauhinia Solutions

Nicole Graham is Hong Kong’s leading expert in virtual (outsourced) support. Following a successful career as an Executive Assistant to C-Suite Execs, and then as a corporate Learning & Development / HR Development Manager, and Facilitator, Nicole has been a driver in using technology to improve work efficiency and provide training.

Starting out teaching business owners how to use their computer software, and freelancing as a Virtual Assistant, Nicole has developed Bauhinia Solutions into a boutique business support agency. As Hong Kong-based business specialists, admin professionals, and virtual assistants Nicole’s team offer part-time remote support to coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and service-oriented teams. Nicole leads a team of employees in Hong Kong, the UK, and the Philippines. They have supported and driven growth remotely for more than 150 clients globally since 2007.

Nicole holds a Bachelor of Adult Education, majoring in Human Resource Development, Diploma in Management, Certificate in Marketing, and Certificate in Small Business Enterprise. She is a Certified Online Business Manager and has been studying with established, and successful business and digital marketing experts since 2008.

Janko Kosi, MARK&TING

Meet the Expert Janko Kosi of MARK&TING

Janko Kosi is an integrated marketing and business development leader with with over 15 years’ experiences in industries including Travel, Hospitality, Technology and Retail, with extensive knowledge in offline and online marketing, loyalty marketing and communication.

Janko is the founder and executive director of MARK&TING, Boutique Digital Marketing agency in Hong Kong, providing marketing services for small companies with BIG potential. 

Most of their clients are small companies, entrepreneurs and startups with limited budgets, who need help with digital marketing campaigns, social media, web design, graphic design and video content creation.

Janko works with clients from different industries who all have a few things in common:their budgets are limited and they cannot afford (or find) an experienced full-time marketing team, they are forced to handle marketing themselves, wasting precious time on learning to manage their website, design flyers, understand SEO, or social media marketing.They want less talk and more action, which is exactly what Janko and his company can provide.

Napolean Biggs, Digital Marketing Specialist

Meet the Expert Napolean Biggs, Digital Marketing Specialist

With 20+ years in media innovation, Napoleon is a reputed digital marketing specialist and senior advisor on emerging communications and e-commerce practices in Asia.

Deeply connected into start-up communities across Asia, Napoleon often acts as an “interpreter” between anxious corporates and over-enthusiastic start-ups, helping both parties to work together in the creation and launch of new digitally-empowered services and products.

He also provides digital leadership guidance and workshops to senior executives in retail, travel, insurance and education.

Napoleon is well-known as the founder and hard-hitting host of “Web Wednesday”, a thriving community of 7,000+ digital media executives and internet entrepreneurs with monthly networking events in six Asian cities. [@webwednesday]

His latest creation, “852 Reboot Hong Kong”, is a vlog to showcase the people who drive Hong Kong with their boundless energy and unfettered belief in making a positive change. [Follow the show on LI/FB/IG/YT using “#852reboothk”].

As one of the elders of the digital industry in Asia, Napoleon often provides colourful commentary on Bloomberg, CNBC and Reuters as well as ClickZ and Marketing Interactive. He is also a board advisor to the Digital + Direct Marketing Association of Asia and the Hong Kong Ambassador for the Global Retail Insights Network.
On top of interpreting “geekspeak”, Napoleon also speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, French and Spanish.