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Our Story

The Women Entrepreneurs Network (WEN) has a long history of supporting women business owners. Started in the late 80’s with the workshop, ‘How to start and run your own business’, today we support women on their business journey, from start up to sale.

We run a number of popular events from our signature, the Circle to workshops. We also offer mentoring, advisory boards, and an online directory.

WEN is where inspiration is found, connections are made, and problems are solved.

Our Events

The Circle

Ideal for women business owners who are keen to learn, and participate in a small group for discussion and business advice. Circles bring together the expertise of experts and board members. This event can also help participants build a network of other business owners who they can call upon.

Workshop on Pricing & Marketing/Branding

This workshop is specifically for providing you with helpful, direct feedback on your branding and pricing. Led by a branding specialist, participants are put into small groups whereby you present your website, marketing materials, or product. Feedback is provided by all in the circle.


Introduced in 2020, our webinars are 45 minutes in length and conducted over Zoom. The virtual event focuses on one relevant topic, with an expert giving a presentation along with questions and answers at the end. Webinars are recorded for anyone who cannot attend, or wishes to purchase later.

WEN Expert Chat

This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to sit with an inspiring/experienced women founder and two others in a small and informal group discussion to meet other like-minded founders and share their entrepreneurial journey and hear first hand as to the contributing factors to the success of their business and how they dealt with business issues and failures. A must try session for new entrepreneurs.

Lunch and Learn Online series

Lunch and Learn series is a new WEN initiative for busy entrepreneurs to learn and discover more about emerging and current trends in the digital, marketing and business funding space. An expert is brought in and WEN hosts these sessions online to make it convenient for members to attend and participate.

1-to-1 Mentoring

Our mentoring sessions allow you the opportunity to share your current situation, and ask for advice on next steps. Brainstorming is important, and hearing more than one opinion is key. Your mentor is an experienced business owner and your session length is 60 minutes.

Inspiration Found, Connections Made, Problems Solved

What People are Saying

“Astonished by the Impact”

“I was expecting good tips from the workshop leaders, but I had no idea they were going to positively revolutionize how I am branding my business.”

Dr. Irene Garcia Losquino, Braelight

“I am enjoying WEN”

“A BIG THANK YOU for all the hardwork and effort for helping us all stay sane. I enjoy being surrounded by such an energetic bunch of women who have proved how it can be done.”

Helen Barker, Feel Good Factor

“Absolutely Inspirational”

“Co-Founder, Kimberly Whiley has a natural ability to ask the right questions and extract your brilliance into a cohesive and structured plan, in record time and with laser focus.”

Helen Revans, Nurture Your Life

Our News

WEN Spotlight: Jessie Chan

WEN Spotlight: Jessie Chan

WEN would like to applaud Members who have had great wins, overcome obstacles, used innovative approaches or made other strides as an entrepreneur and who are ready to share their tips with you! We are delighted to showcase Jessie Chan, Founder of Sorra Limited....

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WEN featured on RTHK Radio 3

WEN featured on RTHK Radio 3

WEN was featured on the 123 Show on RTHK Radio 3 on 8th Dec 2021. Geetanjali Dhar(chairwoman) and Sharlene Jacquier (board member) spoke at length about WEN and how they offer Women Entrepreneurs at all stages of their business - great support, guidance and expertise...

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