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The Women Entrepreneurs Network has a long and impressive history of supporting women business owners. We started in the late 80’s with a signature program, ‘How to Start and Run Your Own Business’.

We initially ran the program as a dinner event held at various private clubs throughout Hong Kong. Due to the demand, the program became a full day event for existing and aspiring women entrepreneurs. As a result of these sold out events many new businesses were launched, and many more scaled and succeeded well beyond the hopes and dreams of the owners.

After running several of these programs, 12 women business owners agreed to formally register The Women Business Owners Club (WBOC).

WBOC was the premier women’s entrepreneur group and a leader in a space, which had yet to be popular – that of entrepreneurship. At the time, none of the Chambers had SME or Entrepreneur committees, and discussions ensued about why such a group was not appropriate for a Chamber.

In 2015, Kimberly Whiley and Elizabeth L Thomson relaunched and rebranded WBOC as The Women Entrepreneurs Network (WEN) since 1980, a Non-Profit Organization run by successful Women Business Owners – a period of over 30 years.

The goal remains the same – to empower and educate women entrepreneurs to scale their business through knowledge and networking.

We have assisted many women business owners to succeed, to scale, and to sell their businesses. We are proud to continue with this mission today.


Launched in 1980 and rebranded as WEN in 2015.

  • Number of Board Members: 150+
  • Number of Chairwomen: 15
  • Number of Staff Employed by Board Members: 3200+
  • Number of Events: 800+
  • Business Award Winners: 100+
  • Number of Women attending events: 16,000+
  • Number of Experts providing advice at events: 1600+

Affiliated Organizations

Other women associations who, like WEN, focus on the professional development and mentoring of women.


AllBright opened it’s first club in London in March 2018. They provide a space for their community of brilliant and smart-minded women to connect, create and collaborate.

The Women’s Foundation

The Women’s Foundation promotes the full and equal participation of women and girls in all aspects of Hong Kong society, by engaging in projects that drive measurable change.

Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network

The Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) connects female entrepreneurs around the globe with networks, knowledge and insight that gives them power to do more.

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