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Women Entrepreneurs supporting Women Entrepreneurs

Kimberly Whiley

Director, Tamco Holding Ltd. & Factory2Home
Chairwoman and Co-Founder, The Women Entrepreneurs Network

Living and working in Hong Kong since 1989, Kimberly has opened many different businesses under the Tamco Holdings Group umbrella dealing with sourcing, import and export, health products, student learning products, publishing and online shopping.

Along with Tamco Holdings, Tamco Publishing (2004) manages travel publications along with distribution in Asia.

Factory2Home Furnishing is an online retailer for discounted, high-quality home items that are shipped directly to the customer’s home cutting out the high cost of retail showrooms and middlemen.

Past President of Women Business Owners Club and Co-Founded Women Entrepreneur Network in 2016.

Words of Wisdom

Read “E-Myth” by Michael E. Gerber. Whether you are an experienced business person or just starting out, it will make the difference. Also, make sure you know your exit strategy for your business. No need to waste a lot of time and hard work if there is no way to sell the business in the end. Finally, support women business where possible!