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Nicole Graham

Founder, Bauhinia Solutions
Board of Director and Head of Marketing Communications Committee, The Women Entrepreneurs Network

Nicole Graham is Hong Kong’s leading expert in virtual support. Following a successful career as an Executive Assistant to C-Suite Execs, and then as a corporate Learning & Development / HR Development Manager, and Facilitator, Nicole has been a driver in using technology to improve work efficiency and provide training.

Starting out teaching business owners how to use their computer software, and freelancing as a Virtual Assistant, Nicole has developed Bauhinia Solutions into a boutique business support agency.  As Hong Kong based business specialists, admin professionals, and virtual assistants Nicole’s team offer part-time remote support to coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and service-oriented teams. Nicole leads a team of employees in Hong Kong, Australia and the UK.  They have supported and driven growth remotely for more than 100 clients globally since 2007.

Nicole’s experiences, her decades of personal and professional development, her well-grounded confidence, and her natural ability to conceptualise the bigger picture while sorting out operational details, enables her to lead clients through all stages of their business growth.

Nicole holds a Bachelor of Adult Education, majoring in Human Resource Development, Diploma in Management, Certificate in Marketing, and Certificate in Small Business Enterprise. She is a Certified Online Business Manager and has been studying with established, and successful business and digital marketing experts since 2008. To improve her leadership skills, Nicole has worked with coaches in Hong Kong and North America since 2012.

Words of Wisdom

Invest in a good accounting system and a great Financial Coach. As your business grows, whether that is in team or income, an accounting system is vital. Don’t put all your receipts, bank statements, bills etc into a shoe box and send it to your accountant on a quarterly basis. You need to be proactive at managing your business finances. If you do not understand all the financial aspects of running a business, invest in a great Financial Coach or freelance CFO. As a business owner, you need to be empowered to make decisions and knowing your financial status helps you to make informed decisions.