WEN would like to applaud Members who have had great wins, overcome obstacles, used innovative approaches or made other strides as an entrepreneur and who are ready to share their tips with you!

We are delighted to showcase our Premium Member : Charu Surtani of Travel Tricks Hong Kong Ltd

Business Nature: Destination Management Company (Travel – Inbound & Outbound – Mice)

Business Start Date:  13 February 2018

Best Achievement to Date: 

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey:

I have been in the travel and events industry for over 25 years and on 13 Feb 2018 I decided to turn my passion for events and travelling, by starting my own company and to be the entrepreneur I am today.

Travel Tricks was established as a way to aid clientele with custom made solutions by leveraging my vast experience and valued connections in this industry.

The name Travel Tricks was born from the wonder people experienced when their needs were well taken care of. I became known as the ‘Magician of the Hospitality Industry’ because nothing was impossible for me!

How is your company unique?

We are a bespoke destination management company. We provide tailor-made and consultancy services for our leisure and corporate clients based on their needs and we are also closely working on new trends of travel which is very unique. 

How do you transform a challenge into an opportunity?

Take any challenge as a new opportunity and you will find a way forward. For example, when the pandemic hit, it was a big downfall for the travel business. We managed to start a local events company during that phase and we expanded travel tricks globally and we now have 2 offices, one in Hong Kong and the other in Dubai. We have also partnered with a firm in India. We viewed every downfall as an opportunity to grow. 

What is the next step for your business?

We aspire to be a very well known ‘Destination Management Company’ world wide. 

What are your top tips to share with other women entrepreneurs?

  • Always remember your competition is only better than what you were yesterday.
  • The pain and struggle you go through today paves the path for your future happiness.
  • Successful entrepreneurs need the following 4 key attributes to grow their business: Security, regular schedule, headspace and control.