WEN would like to applaud Members who have had great wins, overcome obstacles, used innovative approaches or made other strides as an entrepreneur and who are ready to share their tips with you!

We are delighted to showcase our Premium Member : Janice Chew of JC Legal

Business Nature: Law Firm

Business Start Date:  2014 as JC Corporate

Best Achievement to Date: Our Virtual Legal Clinic won GOLD GLOBEE® for Best Service to Combat and Reduce the Impact of COVID-19. As of May 2022, it has empowered 40+ people and donated HK$10,000+ to our charity partner, Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre.

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey:

JC Legal was not my first venture, and not my last either. My first attempt as an entrepreneur was in 2014, with JC Corporate, a company offering cross-boundary corporate and business- consultancy service. After I became a mother 5 years ago, I began to think about starting my own law firm, not only to give her flexibility but also to enable me to design and deliver legal services the way I wanted to, and the way I envision the industry should – in a manner that was unlike more traditional firms with heritage to uphold. I love coming up with solution and options, creating value for my clients and executing the service as we grow together.

How is your company unique?

JC Legal is known for our bespoke solutions. Headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Malaysia and the UK, as well as foreign lawyers in PRC and France, we pride ourselves on a global footprint armed with deep, local expertise. We work with trusted partners all over the world to deliver cross-border advisory unique to your needs. JC Legal is a law firm that looks like a startup: a visionary leader, a young team, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a bold commitment to empower and reshape the business community quite unlike our industry, backed by sound legal knowledge and creativity.

We have established a broad practice in corporate and commercial law, regulatory compliance and dispute resolution. Our mission is to serve as the support system of business owners, so they can focus on what they do best. Our flagship Startup Steward Programme has nurtured 100+ high-growth companies, including trailblazers in FinTech and crypto, and industry leaders in their own right.

We are a team of professional lawyers in Hong Kong. We know about risks, and turn them in your favour.

How do you transform a challenge into an opportunity?

The Virtual Legal Clinic was an opportunity arisen from the pandemic, that has touched the lives of many who encounter legal challenges in business, career and personal life. With the on-going global anxiety and social distancing, we refuse to see our clients’ interest as the scapegoat. By being available to the world, we launched this programme, dedicated to ease the stress from urgent situations and to become the second professional opinion for any major decisions.

Our Virtual Legal Clinic won GOLD GLOBEE® for Best Service to Combat and Reduce the Impact of COVID-19. As of May 2022, it has empowered 40+ people and donated HK$10,000+ to our charity partner, Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre.

Where do you see your company in the next 3 years?

As much as I am proud of my close team and the business we have built, I would like to strengthen the professional network of JC Legal in Southeast Asia. Apart from our current partners in Malaysia and connections in Thailand, I foresee growing our reach in Indonesia and Vietnam in the next 3 years, or even less.

I envision JC Legal to becoming the go-to law firm in Hong Kong for bespoke solutions, and hopefully a known cross-border law firm within Southeast Asia. I am happy to say the first step is made by being selected as the Hong Kong representative lawyer of Cross Border M&A in the Global Law Experts Network. I am beyond excited to see what’s next.

What are your top tips to share with other women entrepreneurs?

  • Never look down on yourself – you can achieve everything you want to if you devote the effort and dedication into your goal.
  • Stay curious – meet people from all kinds of industry, talk to people at the café, in a gallery, at an event… that’s how you stay interested in life and interesting as a person.
  • You are stronger than you think you are – a lot of times we think we cannot make it; as much as I appreciate vulnerability and seeking help when needed, we are always much more capable than we thought we are. So, believe in yourself and become that proud achiever.