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We are delighted to showcase Caroline Choi, Founder of HongKongDivorce.com

Business Nature: Free Online Educational Resource for Individuals Navigating Through Divorce in Hong Kong

Business Start Date: September 2019

Tell us what made you take the entrepreneurial plunge?

Prior to living in Hong Kong, I was working as a Family Law attorney in San Diego, California. At the time, I saw a need to provide easy digestible legal information to individuals going through divorce because it can be extremely complicated to understand legal jargon. I started to write articles for The Huffington Post about divorce topics and also created my own blog website called Divorce Confidential. When I moved to Hong Kong, I saw a need for this as well and started Hong Kong Divorce in the hope that every individual has access to information that may be difficult to obtain without hiring costly solicitors and barristers.

What does your Company do and how is it unique?

Hong Kong Divorce does not provide legal advice, however it does provide individuals with basic information on how to navigate divorce in Hong Kong, giving individuals the knowledge and power on how to proceed forward. Not only does this free resource provide simple explanations on somewhat complex legal issues, but it also aims to provide practical tips on how to navigate even the emotional aspects of divorce. For example, I have created a special series called Spotlight Profile and in these Spotlight Profiles, I interview key players in the family law community in Hong Kong but I also interview mental health professionals who have extensive experience in assisting families and children through the hardship of divorce. These mental health professionals provide great tips and resources on how to navigate this difficult journey. Thus, Hong Kong Divorce not only provides basic information about divorce in Hong Kong but also how to survive and move forward on an emotional level as well.

How do you transform a challenge into an opportunity?

Divorce is a challenging experience and journey for individuals and families. It is not easy balancing being an attorney while also writing and publishing articles and essentially running a second business. However, I think this is extremely important and there is a need to provide this information to those in the community. For those going through a divorce, the more information you have, the more informed you are and therefore able to navigate an already complex legal system.

Where do you see your company in the next 3 years?

My hope is that Hong Kong Divorce becomes more widely known in the community and it an essential pitstop for those going through divorce.

What are your top tips to share with other women entrepreneurs?

  • Rise to the challenge – You will always be met with challenges and obstacles along the way, but it is important to rise to the challenge and move forward.
  • Be Resilient – Remain resilient throughout the process and continue to push through when things are not as smooth or easy as anticipated.
  • Make great connections – Having great friends and contacts who can be there to help you along the way is key to success. It’s wonderful when you can share in your successes with others and vice versa.

One thing women should do more of?

Support one another and cheer each other on. Rather than see each other as threats, it’s important to come together as women and help each other out. There is enough room for success for everyone!