WEN would like to applaud Members who have had great wins, overcome obstacles, used innovative approaches or made other strides as an entrepreneur and who are ready to share their tips with you!

We are delighted to showcase our  Platinum Member and Circle Event Sponsor: Sharlene Jacquier of Joint Dynamics Evolve.

Business Nature: Joint Dynamics is Hong Kong’s premiere integrated health and wellness facility. Combining elements of physical therapy (physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, massage, sports therapy and rehabilitation with fitness and performance training, mental health (psychology), lifestyle assistance (nutritionist and sleep consultation). Joint Dynamics mission is to continue to build an inclusive environment where clients are served by a collaborative team of science driven professionals.

Business Start Date: June 2013

Best Achievement to Date: 8+ years of significant double digit growth and market leading staff retention.

One Thing to do Different if Possible: Would have put more emphasis on establishing procedure and business protocol. Guidelines, handbooks, formalised lists… all of these things would have made growth and scale easier.

One Tip: Surround yourself with trusted (& kind) advisors, mentors and peers.

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey: I credit Hong Kong, the people I’ve been blessed to meet and the unique business environment here with the success of my entrepreneurial journey.  After working in Singapore and moving to Hong Kong with my family I went from being an engineering salesperson to an operations manager of a health and wellbeing company in one dinner party.  I met someone who had this amazing, revolutionary idea, for physical therapy and its place in the wellness landscape.  He needed me to help structure, build and run the other aspects of the business.  So eight years ago we opened a small space with 5 people in June 2013, me learning on the go from mentors, support businesses, government departments and lots of google searches dealing with everything from purchasing towels to allied health ordinance guidelines to March 2021, we opened Joint Dynamics Evolve – our dedicated Women’s Health space in Queen’s Road Central. Now offering services including nutritionist, sleep consultant and psychologist.

The idea behind Joint Dynamics was brilliant, and since that day in June 2013 we’ve built on the foundation of it to expand our service offering (a dozen new services from our original two), our staff (now 65 people) and our facilities (now over 12,000 sq ft).  Our ownership team and our management has grown to involve experts in other fields, expanding the reach of Joint Dynamics further than we had ever anticipated. There have been numerous setbacks, some avoidable and others not, that have shaken our faith in the journey but each time we’ve received support from friends, family and other support networks. We have worked hard, really really hard, have sacrificed and risked a lot but today Joint Dynamics is one of the most recognisable brands in wellness in Hong Kong, and we are still growing.

How do you measure success? Personally when my mindset is such that setback or failure challenges and invigorates me to do better, to improve and grow. As a business when our staff are our most productive marketing tool…. I know when they are speaking passionately about their jobs and the company they work for that we are hitting the right mark.

What have been your biggest lessons? Mistakes are always the source of the biggest lessons..
– Manage expectations of your staff – Once everyone knows and is happy with what’s expected the rest is easier.
– Transparent (as possible), honest and frequent communication with staff.
– Write it down, process and procedure even in a rough draft allows others to help you grow… if it is all in your head you are the speed hump going forward.
– Ask questions, legal, accounting, marketing…. if there is an area that you don’t understand make sure you ask lots of questions. Know when to stop and say you need help.

What is the next step for your business? Continued growth through expansion in the field of Women’s Health, Corporate Wellness service delivery plus international clinic investment.

What top three pieces of advice do you have for other women entrepreneurs?

  1. Have access to trusted advisors (WEN group, mentors, business partners)
  2. Try not to be retrospective and attach yourself to past mistakes. Control the controllables and always focus on whats next.
  3. Create a personal ecosystem that helps you to be resilient. Sleep more, eat well and define your ‘digital curfew’.

Joint Dynamics Evolve is the Event Sponsor for our upcoming Circle Event on 16th November 2021: .How To Handle The “WHAT IF” Issues That Can Stop Your Business In Its Tracks. Reserve your spot to be inspired and learn from those that have walked before you.

Website: https://www.jointdynamics.com.hk/services/evolve-womens-health
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JointDynamicsHongKong/

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