WEN would like to applaud Members who have had great wins, overcome obstacles, used innovative approaches or made other strides as an entrepreneur and who are ready to share their tips with you!

We are delighted to showcase our Gold Sponsor and Premium Member : Sharon McEneff of T8 Corporate & Business Services

Business Nature: Association Management and Accounting & Company Secretarial Services

Business Start Date: T8 Association Management was founded in June 2011 and then branched out to T8 Corporate in 2016, First Response in 2019 and Charter Junks in 2020, all currently operating under Minerva Group. 

How is your Company Unique?: We are driven by strong empowered women by different skillsets and this is why we are under Minerva Group. Minerva is the Roman Goddess of Wisdom.

Your Favourite Business Mantra is: If you want something done ask a busy person!

Tell us what made you take the entrepreneurial plunge?: After managing Asia Pacific chapter of an association in USA my client wanted to take me on directly as  they recognised everything I did for them.

After getting approval from my boss I decided to continue doing what I was doing, but under my own company.  It was then that I had my first client and the rest of the clients grew organically through word of mouth.

How did you transform a challenge into an opportunity?: There are two ways that you can act when you face a challenge; you decide that you can’t meet the challenge and admit defeat or you can step up to the challenge knowing full well that it will be tough but that there is always opportunity in the face of adversity.

  • Don’t stop moving! If you stop, the challenge can quickly become too daunting, instead change your perspective.  From our junk experience we were desperate to become really green, with everything being recycled, however this posed almost impossible due to lack of facilities and resources to separate materials and a heavy booking schedule.  Instead of becoming solely focused on us recycling what was left over, we pushed the issue up the supply chain and now all our products (foods, serving dishes) as they come on board are either biodegradable, washed and reused or crushed and bagged.
  • Fail Fast and cheaply – if you have an idea to solve a challenge, try it out and accept it is good to fail – every time you fail you have learned another way not to do it. Promotions is a great example here – try a small advert with one resulting action and see if you get any traction, if you do then build on it, if not tweak the promotion idea.

Where do you see your Company in the next three years?: Having now structured the 4 companies under Minerva I would be delighted if we can increase  each company by 25%.

What are your top three tips to share with other women entrepreneurs?

  • Don’t just acquire customers, retain them. We have clients since the very beginning.
  • Be passionate in what you do and have a niche market
  • Hire people who are good in the areas you are not


Website: https://t8corporate.com/en
Email: sharon.m@t8corporate.com

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