PRESS RELEASE: 28 February 2020

Dear WEN Member,

While the disruptions of the end of 2019 are still fresh in our entrepreneurial memory, we are now contending with even more challenging conditions.

We understand there is a lot of fear, confusion and uncertainty and our every day routines have been severely disrupted.

We too considered whether or not to go ahead with our next planned events. However, WEN’s mission is to connect and inspire women business owners and provide business solutions. We will celebrate your successes and are your support group in times of need. We deemed this a time of need and have therefore decided to go ahead with our planned events.

We have been in close contact with our venue sponsors and will adhere to strict health and safety precautions and guidelines, which we will clearly communicate in advance with our attendees.

Lastly, how is everyone? Many of us are feeling some pressure during these uncertain times. Remember to check in on friends, and please reach out if you need to.

WEN is a supportive group and we have a wealth of experience and knowledge within the group. Think of the connections you have made through WEN and how we can support each other.

Let’s continue to pull together and offer support to those who need it.

With warmest regards,

Liz Search
Chairwoman, The Women Entrepreneurs Network


For more information on events, visit their Events Page, or watch out for announcements on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages. If you would like to volunteer, kindly send an email to

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