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Tracy Ho of Frame & Fame Personal Branding

Business Nature: Personal Branding Consulting & Coaching

Personal Brand Positioning and Narrative Development, Content Creation, LinkedIn profile optimization, Online Presence and Social Media Strategy.

Personal Branding Coaching, Executive Communication/Presentation Coaching, Executive Presence Coaching

Business Start Date: Nov 2015

Best Achievement to Date: In 2019, we re-positioned ourselves and changed our strategy – instead of covering both company and personal branding, we focus on working with PEOPLE who are serious about their career/business on their personal brand. We had a number of remarkably successful cases on supporting various clients to achieve their personal branding goals, including coaching some entrepreneurs/business owners to pitch to their investors for the required funding; coached corporate executives to land their ideal jobs or get a promotion with a decent, higher-than-expected pay rise; refreshed some business owners and corporate executives’ bios, LinkedIn profile and website content to acquire more clients/opportunities. It’s amazingly rewarding to hear from clients on what they had achieved from a strengthened personal brand.

We are very much honored to have been selected as “the Most Trusted Personal Branding Consultancy of the Year” by the Hong Kong Most Outstanding Business Awards 2019-2020.

One Thing to do Different if Possible: Set up a well-structured business administration process to deal with daily operations, finance, legal, hiring, and resourcing related issues from the beginning. It gets messy easily and quickly. I prefer to put my time into driving the business and working with clients. I should outsource these mundane but necessary parts to someone who’s good at that.

One Tip: Doing less for more results. Be confident to say “no” to things that are distracting or even diverting our energy away from our core strength. Focus on the niche and excel in it. More high-value opportunities will come along.

Tracy Ho is one of our WEN Branding & Pricing Workshop facilitators. Reserve your spot to get honest and constructive feedback on your branding and pricing strategies here.

Website: www.frameandframe.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/frameandfame/
Facebook: facebook.com/frameandfame

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