WEN Power Circle

A Confidential business room of your own! WEN Founders Elizabeth L. Thomson and Kimberly Whiley are offering you a place in a Power Circle of no more than four participants. 

1 February 2021 – 31 December 2021 | 12:00am -11:55pm

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The Power Circle events are ideal for women business owners who keen to learn, and participate in a small group for discussion and business advice.Power Circles are led by founders and supported by an expert. This event is to help participants build a network of like-minded business owners who they can call upon.

WEN Power Circle

For our Power Circle Event of 2021, we have invited WEN Founders Elizabeth Thomson  and Kimberly Whiley , to share their knowledge and experience about business stability and provide you a reliable advice on particular issues. Our Power Circles function as an Advisory Board.

1 Feb – Dec 2021

12:00am – 11:55pm

Fee:  2000 HKD

Online via Zoom

Come join us on 1 February – December 2021 where you will meet with your Power Circle four times across one or two months. The first meeting is a 2-hour session in which you will:

  • introduce your business,
  • review your management reports,
  • take a SWAT analysis,
  • have a brainstorming session and
  • set goals for the next meeting

The following three sessions are each approximately one and a half hours long and will review your goals and progress to ensure you are on track and succeeding.

If, after your four sessions have finished, you wish to continue, you can purchase another four sessions, payable in advance.

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. You cannot always confide in those closest to you, nor would they be able to give you the advice and expertise you require.

But nobody can grow a thriving business on their own, and regardless if you are setting up a start-up or are an established industry leader, having access to high-quality expertise can enhance your company’s chances of success.

Special price

Standard industry rates for an Advisory Board are around HK20,000 per year, but as a non-profit organisation who is very conscious of the current economic situation, we are pleased to offer you this service at a heavily reduced rate of 4 sessions (between 5-8 hours in total) with Elizabeth Thomson or Kimberly Whiley: HK2,000

You don’t have to do it all alone! We are here with the business solutions you need.

Our events are open to ALL women business owners.

WEN is run by successful women entrepreneurs who wish to give back to the community. All profits made are used for the network expenses.

Event Organisers:
Elizabeth L. Thomson (The Amber Foundation) and Kimberly Whiley (Tamco Holding Ltd. & Factory2Home)

Elizabeth Thomson, Founder & Chairwoman, The Amber Foundation
Kimberly Whiley, Co-Founder and Chairwoman, The Women Entrepreneurs Network, Co-founder and Chairwoman, Director of Tamco Holding Ltd.

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